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The wonderfully magical place where babies are babies forever



Once upon a time......

A team of loving midwives tirelessly ran a tiny birthing center and orphan's home. No matter how crowded the center became, they vowed never to turn away any baby.

Then a more than generous anonymous gift surprisingly allowed the midwives to purchase this dreamy piece of property where they built their new Adoption Center.

While looking over the land an enchanted waterfall was discovered. It was instantly decided the Adoption Center would be built around it. One of the saddest aspects of running any Adoption Center is watching small infants and toddlers growing too old to be considered adoptable. Well… unbeknownst to them all, the waterfall was really a fountain of youth. With just one drink of its magical waters ~ each and every baby becomes a baby forever!

Now the magic of this special place has reached out to all corners of the world, other planets and even the fantasy realm upon occasion. No baby whether human, alien, fairy, mermaid or other was ever turned away. It even happens that a wee one from a different era in time would occasionally be transported to the center.

At the front doors you will find the special basket where a baby can be left and the midwives will care for the baby until it is adopted. The midwives also occasionally deliver babies at the center for moms who have chosen not to keep their babies for various reasons.

Find the Forever Baby of your dreams!

Indulge your Fantasies

in the Ultimate Adoption Experience!

The adoption center has an NICU Nursery for tiny preemies. Here is where the tiniest babies are cared for. Preemie babes are approximately 12 ins to 16 ins long and weigh between 1 lb to 3 lbs. These special bundles of joy are born a bit early, or smaller, than normal but are big on love. Your preemie is given extra care and is only ready for adoption when strong enough to come home to you.

There is also a Newborn Nursery. Babies here are the size of a cuddly newborn and are approximately 18 ins to 22 ins long and weigh between 4 lbs to 6 lbs. Because your newborn can wear real baby clothes you will never tire of dressing your new little bundle for every occasion.

The Play Park is filled with the sounds of happy children enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. These chubby angels are approximately 23 ins to 28ins long and weigh between 7 lbs to 12 lbs. Here in this land of excitement, you can share strolls in the park, rolls in the grass, and playtime with the toys.

The Play Room is filled with "make believe", tummy time on the floor and those very special night time stories… never to forget! Your active toddler's antics are sure to bring joy to your day.

Your precious baby comes with its own original Fantasy Fable
and each is a beautiful illusion of life.

The Adoption Center is a beautiful place and photos of the center are updated

with the changing seasons and holidays.

Please visit often and enjoy watching the seasonal changes!


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